Favorite Products

Over the years I’ve experimented with lots of products to
create my giant gem portraits. Here are some of my favorites.

Sulky® 40 wt. Rayon has the same luster and smoothness of silk but is stronger than both silk and cotton. It’s my preferred thread for the “wild-motion” machine quilting I use to complete my diamonds. It can also be used in a bobbin when working on projects that need matching bobbin and top thread. And best of all, it’s available in 388 colors.

I also use Sulky® Invisible Thread for all sorts of applications. In fact, I used Sulky® Invisible Thread to quilt “Jewel Box” quilt which features all 12 blocks from my Birthstone Series.  

And click here to check out my Featured Artist profile on Sulky’s website

Look for Sulky®products in your local sewing/fabric stores, or on their website at www.sulky.com.

Sulky is a registered trademark of Sulky of America. 

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I designed the Birthstone Series specifically with Paintbrush Studio’s Painter’s Palette Solids in mind. With 168 sparkling colors, Painter’s Palette Solids literally became the perfect treasure trove from which I selected my gem fabrics.

Look for all Paintbrush Studio fabric lines in your local sewing store or e-retailer.

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Since 1980, The Warm Company has been dedicated to manufacturing exciting and innovative products that make sewing, quilting and crafting easier and more enjoyable. I can always count on the Warm Company to produce consistently excellent batting for use in my diamonds. My “go to” product is Warm & White. Its brilliant white color makes my diamonds sparkle and the loft is perfect for my “wild-motion” machine quilting.

Look for Warm Company products in your local sewing store or e-retailer.

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